Pink is a Java EE framework to build modern web sites quickly and easily. It grew out of my frustration with Java ServerFaces 2.0. SpringMVC, Struts 2, Stripes are all very good alternatives. But, in light of latest development in Java EE, such as CDI, bean validation and Servlet API 3.0, they can all stand some degree of simplification. That is where Pink comes in. Pink is a small library that let’s you do the most common things without a fuss.

Key Features

  • SEO friendly URL. For example: /customers/show/12
  • Allows arbitrary attributes for the HTML input tags. This is ideal for HTML5 web sites.
  • No strange hidden variables and URL parameters names. This makes Pink applications super easy to test using automated tools like JMeter.
  • JSR 303 bean validation.
  • Easy Ajax and JSON.
  • The framework is stateless and unlike JSF puts very little demand for memory.

Supported Servers

Pink requires a CDI compatible web container. It has been tested in JBoss AS 7 and TomEE Web profile 1.5.0. Pink will not work in a plain Tomcat server.




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