Installing and Using WebSphere 8.5 Liberty Profile in RAD 9.0

Liberty profile speeds up server startup time and improves development productivity. In this article, we will discuss how to install and use WebSphere Application Server 8.5 Liberty profile from Rational Application Developer 9.0.

Installing Liberty Profile

When installing RAD 9.0, you need to make sure that the Liberty Profile tools are installed. If not, you can always launch IBM Installation Manager and add it at a later time.


Now, we will create a new server in RAD using Liberty Profile. We will download the necessary runtime code in the process.

Launch RAD 9.0, if it is not running already.

In the Servers view, right click and select New > Server.


Choose Liberty Profile as the server type. Click Next.


Click download or install link.


Choose to download Liberty Profile as shown above. Click Next.


Next to the Liberty Profile item, click the Add button.


Accept the license and click Next.

Create an empty folder where the runtime will be installed. In our case, I created C:\Users\wasadmin\Documents\WAS_Liberty_Profile.


Using the Browse button select the empty folder you had created earlier.

Click Finish.


If all goes well, you will see the success message as shown above. Click OK to dismiss it.


Click Next.


Click Finish. This will create the server.


Verify that in the newly created server is showing up in the Servers view.


Start the server. It should start within seconds.

Deploying an Application

To be able to deploy an application to the Liberty Profile server, it must be created with Liberty Profile as the target server runtime. Caveat: Normally, RAD lets you change the targeted server runtime at any time after a project is created. However, Liberty Profile can only be set when a project is created.

From the menubar, select File > New > Web Project.


Enter a name for the web project, such as HelloWeb. Click Next.


Carefully set the Target Runtime to Liberty Profile. Optionally, choose to add the web project to a EAR project.

Click Finish.

To deploy the app to the Liberty Profile server, simply right click the server in the Servers view and select Add and Remove.


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