Android Hardware Debugging from Ubuntu in VMWare

Some time back, I had posted an article on Android hardware debugging from Windows. The process is much simpler in Mac OS X or Ubuntu Linux. There, you don’t need to install any special device drivers. Today, I managed to connect my HTC Thunderbolt to Ubuntu 12.04 running as a VMWare guest. The process was simple and worked the first time. Here are the basic steps. I use VMWare Player. I assume the steps will be almost the same for VMWare Workstation.

These steps assume that you have a basic Ubuntu workstation working as a VMWare guest. Log into Ubuntu as the administrator user and then carry out these steps.

Step 1 – Install JDK and Android SDK

You will need Oracle JDK installed. Just download the distribution and unzip it somewhere. Then add <JDK>/bin folder to your PATH. If you are not sure, follow this guide.

Go to and download the SDK for Linux. Extract it somewhere, say within your Documents folder. In my case, this created the ~/Documents/android-sdk-linux folder. I will refer to this folder as <SDK> from now on.

Step 2 – Download SDK Platforms

From a command prompt, go to <SDK>/tools. Run this command to open the SDK manager.

./android sdk

Download the version of Android platform that is right for your phone. For example, my phone is running Android 2.3.4. So, I downloaded the nearest Android SDK 2.3.3.

For more information on downloading SDK platforms, read Google’s official guide.

Step 3 – Configure udev

udev is the Linux dynamic device management software. We will need to register our phone as a USB device.

From the command prompt, go to /etc/udev/rules.d folder.

Create a file in that folder called 51-android.rules as follows.

sudo vi 51-android.rules

In that file, I entered a single line for my HTC Thunderbolt.

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0666", GROUP="mygroup"

In your case, you will need to enter a different vendor ID (0bb4 is for HTC) and UNIX group that will own the device. For a list of vendor IDs and more information read the official hardware debugging guide.

Then, give read permission to the file for everyone.

sudo chmod a+r 51-android.rules

Step 4 – Plug in the Phone

Before you plugin your phone, enable USB debugging (Settings > Application > Development > USB Debugging).

While the VMWare guest window is in the foreground, plug in the phone to a USB slot. VMWare should automatically connect the guest with the device. Note: a device can be connected to either a guest or the host but not both. The fact that VMWare connected the device to the guest by default saved me a lot of trouble.

Step 5 – Test Connection

From the command prompt, go to <SDK>/platform-tools. Then run this command:

adb devices

Make sure that your phone is listed.


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